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iPhone maps epic fail

Our check engine light has been glowing persistently for a couple of days, so this morning I hauled myself out to the car dealership at 6am instead of sleeping like a sane man.  (This is the car’s check engine light I’m referring to.  Mind you, my own has been illuminated a lot this season, too.)

Because we’re staying in Waltham during our home renovations, it’s more convenient to go to the dealership in Natick instead of the one that I usually go to.  So last night I Googled the place, made a map, and mailed it to myself.  This morning when I awakened I got my mail on the phone and called up the map as I left home.

A few minutes later, car in motion, I discovered the map was taking me on a different route than the one that I generated last night.  Hm, that’s funny, I thought.  But I could only see the area right around where I was driving on the map, and I figured that for some reason the phone had routed me along the freeway instead of the surface streets that Google Maps had selected.  Sure enough, the route took me to the freeway.

Having completed my merge onto the freeway, closer examination of the map indicated that my 19 minute journey was now predicted to be a 31 minute meander.  Hm, that’s funny, I thought.  Still yet closer examination indicated that I was being routed to an entirely different city.

Everyone remember the episode of Doctor Who where people’s GPS nav units start murdering them by telling them to drive into rivers, etc.?  My phone thought that my sleep depped brain wouldn’t notice the switch.  Westborough!  Who knows what treachery was in store for me if I hadn’t spotted the subterfuge?

What followed was a 45 minute laugh riot involving repeated attempts to plot the unplottable spot and right the unrightable wrong.  The guy who answered the phone at the dealership wasn’t from the area and couldn’t give me clear directions.  The street address he eventually gave me would’ve helped a lot more if I’d remembered I was heading to Natick and not Framingham.  Repeated attempts to start from the beginning by Googling the dealership insisted that if I would just investigate their suggested destination in Westborough I wouldn’t be filleted by Sontarans, not even a little.

Eventually I just threw away all the maps and drove in the direction of the hazily remembered destination on the laptop screen the night before, and that got me here.

In the future, I’m just going to follow Polaris, thank you very much.

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