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Cleansing time again – eating healthy for two weeks at the beginning of January

As we do every January, my wife and I will cleanse out our systems by eating uncompromisingly healthfully 24×7 for two weeks, give-or-take.

Our diet pretty much becomes vegetables, tofu, fish and whole grains, with an absolute ban on refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine (except green tea), dairy products, wheat, mammals and birds.  She won’t be particularly following the bans on those last four or so because of the whole pregnancy thing.  I’ll also drink all kinds of yucky-tasting herbal solutions purported to help flush the system (generally these ones).  (Maybe more than usual!  This year I’m drinking yucky-tasting herbal solutions for three!)  By the end of it we always feel a lot better — more energy and less in the way of cravings.

This season we’ll be starting Tuesday January 5, and going through to MLK Jr. weekend, stopping sometime in the January 15-18 range depending on what we all end up doing for the long weekend.

You’re welcome to join us, either by trying the diet yourself (with or without yucky herbs) or by implementing your own healthy diet and saying “well, at least I can eat more than Ert!”  While we do this a couple times a year, I feel the most desperate for a period of healthy eating after the holiday indulgences (and, looking at this year’s party schedule, I’m sure to be full of truffles and pinot noir heading into the new year.)

If you’re down with the plan, drop me a line.

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