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Wonderflonium’s avatar is unobtanium

A few years ago I read an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone about their choices when creating “Team America: World Police” that they considered the possibility of doing an all-puppet version of a Jerry Bruckheimer script instead of writing a new script.  In effect, the puppets would be a little flag that says to audiences “OK, this time you’re supposed to laugh at this movie instead of cheer it on.”

So, when watching Avatar last night, it seems they said “unobtainium.”  A few times.  The characters.  On screen.  And I thought “wait, did they just say ’unobtanium’?  Like, in the post-script-editing, still audible in the final release way?  Because I think that’s a ‘laugh at this movie now’ flag.  Take a Jerry Bruckheimer script, add the word ‘unobtanium’ into it, and then audiences know they’re supposed to laugh at this one.  Right?”

That said, visually stunning.  Well worth seeing it in 3D if you’re going to see it.  Also well worth not seeing if you’re looking for anything other than the visually stunning thing.

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