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The bad old days

Listening to NPR’s 50 Great Voices this morning, and one interviewee’s description of Ahmad Zahir as a great voice because he reminded people of the “good old days” of the 1970s, I had a rapid-fire barrage of impressions.  ”Good old days?  1970s?  Rising crime?  Stagflation?  Watergate?  Vietmam?  Oil shocks?  Are you remembering the same 1970s as I am?”

Of course he wasn’t, he was remembering the Afghan 1970s, and this was the first time I considered that Afghanistan probably indeed remembers the 1970s comparatively as the golden years before things seriously went downhill.

Really, I should associate the 1970s with Pierre Trudeau and Tom Baker, which have good associations in my mind, but years of steeping myself in American views of…well, everything…has left me with a pervasive Hollywood dull colour rear-view of the 1970s.  I find myself wondering if any American thinks of the 1970s as the “good old days.”

Which then led me to wonder if anyone will think of the naughts as the good old days.  I got married, and I suppose there’s some Web 2.0 fans and Google employees who also have some fond memories of the last decade, but from a larger perspective don’t we really all want to forget that it ever happened?

I mean, they even cancelled Firefly.

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