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The 2010s TV plunge

We were still getting “Basic” and “Expanded Basic” Cable TV in addition to broadband with our Comcast account.  Besides the having-a-baby household budget analysis that brought scrutiny to the cable bill, the Comcast transition over to digital in December introduced a couple of converter boxes into our lives — boxes that are still sitting unpacked in the baby’s room a couple of months after all the analog Expanded Basic channels went away and we failed to notice their absence.

Far from my near-daily consumption of The Daily Show that the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign saw, this sole cable show that had once argued for a $400+/yr cable package can now be bought for $125/yr on iTunes, assuming I was watching every episode, not to mention simply watched piecemeal on the Comedy Central site.  Dollhouse we were watching on Hulu last autumn in a vain attempt to help get the show renewed, and pretty much everything else is Netflix nowadays.  The radio shows are almost all podcasts now.  And my recent media-unifying installation of Plex on the living room computer was really the nail in the coffin.

So, there it is.  I just cancelled everything but Basic cable (and would’ve cancelled that, too, if they didn’t demand you pay them for it with the broadband regardless of whether or not you use it).  They’re sending someone physically out to the house with some wire cutters or a hacksaw in a couple of days.

It seems to me the FCC is totally on the right track with the broadband-centric plan.  Maybe we’ll even be able to unsubscribe from Basic cable one day.

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