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My favourite iTunes playlist

So I actually rate my songs in iTunes:  Assuming that the vast majority of songs I own are in my library for a reason, two stars is my baseline for unremarkable tracks, three stars is a reasonably enjoyable song, four is a really good and memorable song, and five stars is reserved for my all-time favourites.  The garbage gets one star.

I have a smart playlist that collects the fifty least recently played four and five star songs — songs that I like a lot but haven’t heard in a while.  Then I put that list on shuffle or, even better, start iTunes DJ up, using that playlist as its source material.  As songs get played they automatically fall off the list and get replaced by other oldies but goodies.

I also have another, shorter, playlist that collects just the dusty three-star songs, and then a third playlist that merges the first two.  So I get a playlist that is mostly songs I really like but also mixes in a bit, yet not too much, stuff that I like to hear now and then but not too often.

This does not stop iTunes from being a bloated non-command-line monstrosity, but it does make me happy.

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