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New job! New bat-channel, same bat-kendall-square!

After a good while doing part sabbatical and part working on commercializing my own ideas the time has come for a change.  I’ve just signed on with Endeca, starting full time in the middle of August!
So, Endeca.  The short version of Endeca is “search software.”  The longer version is they have a high performance data storage engine that makes it easy to answer questions about your data when you don’t know enough about your data to know what questions you should be asking.  You’ve almost certainly unknowingly (or knowingly) used Endeca’s software on an e-commerce website many times before while searching for products.  For the even longer description I point you to a two year old interview with one of the founders.
I’ll still be in Kendall Square, so it’s the same commute I’ve had for years.  (A reasonably short bike and public transit commute was a major requirement for me, in fact.  I was shocked at the number of people and companies I talked to who consider 30-60 minute car commutes interchangeable with, if not preferable to, commutes where you get to exercise or read at the same time.  This is a whole other topic, mind you.)

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