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Apple Mail defeats Google I/O

So, for the last few weeks I’ve been anticipating a repeat registrant early-bird invite to Google I/O 2011, just like Google sent out last year for Google I/O 2010, and presumably also in 2009 (I didn’t go to 2008). Nothing ever materialized in my email, however, and every time I checked the web site it said “general registration opens soon” and if you watched their twitter feed they let you know that registration would open sometime during working hours Pacific time today.So I figured that, with the increased interest, Google had just done away with the early bird registration this year. And then came the denial-of-service-fest that was the hour of open registrations today before they sold out. Presumably they would have sold out much faster if the site had been able to handle the load.

Rejected and dejected, I picked through my email again, and found the invite that Google had sent a couple of weeks ago for early registration.Spam filtered.

By my Apple Mail reader.

So Apple conveniently made sure that my invite to the Google developer conference ended up buried in a pile of junk mail, and I’m not going this year (even though I’ll be in the Bay Area, anyway.)

Far be it from me to imply that “Google developer conference” is hard-coded as spam deep inside Mac OS X…

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